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Defective Medical Products And Drugs

Every day in this country, we rely on medications and other health products to make us feel better and improve the quality of our lives. Medicines can fight infections, provide relief from pain and discomfort and keep chronic medical issues such as high blood pressure and diabetes well managed. Medical devices, which range from simple tools such as bandages and tongue depressors to complex life-saving equipment such as pacemakers and MRI machines can also cause unwanted reactions, side effects and other unexpected issues. When this happens, a skilled defective medical product attorney can provide answers and guidance, while fighting for compensation.

Cooper Law Group, PLLC Can Help

Some examples of cases Cooper Law Group, PLLC has investigated include:

  • Manufacturing defects
  • Design flaws
  • Packaging errors
  • Off-label promotion
  • Metal-on-metal hip implants
  • Faulty syringe

Although medical devices are regulated by the US Food & Drug Administration, it is impossible for the FDA to identify every single defect ahead of time. The reality is once a product hits the market for widespread use, unexpected issues can and do arise. Unfortunately, companies are not always quick to recall a product from the market even after a problem is identified. And while the FDA is responsible for communicating information about defective products to affected customers, it has no ability to help them after they have been harmed.

At Cooper Law Group, PLLC, attorney Jeffrey Cooper has extensive experience handling defective drug and medical device cases. He has successfully handled such cases in state court, federal court and in federal courts of multidistrict litigation. And he has defeated a number of motions from some of the biggest medical device manufacturers in the world seeking to dismiss his clients’ cases before trial. To schedule a free consultation, call 203-902-0848, or contact Jeffrey Cooper online.